Major ABMC field projects in Jerusalem and Leningrad have contributed significantly to access and translation.

In 1994, the ABMC collaborated with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories (Pasadena, CA) to use state of the art digital image technology to elucidate previously illegible text on deteriorating Dead Sea Scrolls. Dr. Greg Bearman, of NASA, used multi-spectral digital imaging to identify the region within the spectrum of light in which text would/could be legible.

In visible light, both the ink and the blackened animal hide, reflected equal amounts of light. Hence, there was no contrast and the text was invisible. Dr. Bearman discovered that at 900 nanometers into the infrared, a contrast occurred between the ink and the animal hide, and thus the text became visible again.



The Noah fragment as digitally imaged by Dr. Bearman.